Planning Team

Front entrance of imperial ballrooms

It will be your day to shine! Everything on your checklist has been reviewed time after time to ensure that every detail has been handled.  Now it’s time to place your trust in the hands of our professional consultants to make your wishes come true.

We turn your details into a working document and carefully share them with each department to create unique ideas.  We have team meetings to communicate each element so everyone has the total understanding as to the importance of every aspect. The Sales and Catering Team serves as a liaison to communicate the specifics of your special event to all the departments throughout the Hotel and Kitchen.  Our Chefs discuss the finest cuts of meats, the vegan alternatives and the tastiest desserts to ensure your guests enjoy our culinary experiences.  Our Banquet Team reviews the proper serving techniques and timing of all service aspects.  The welcoming departments are thoroughly prepared for your group’s arrival so that your guests receive warm smiles and real hospitality.

Team: Wedding & Special Events

Susy Dabney

Susy Dabney

Director of Catering

Susy serves the Corporate Market at the Holiday Inn Lancaster and brings over ten years of versatile hospitality experience in Rooms and Catering Sales.  She started her career as a Flight Attendant and then managed several restaurants and private clubs in Miami where she grew up.  Susy is passionate about the needs of her clients and specializes in bringing peace of mind to event planners.  Her maturity offers sensible guidance throughout the entire sales process.  When not planning an event for work, she loves to visit her daughter in Philadelphia and try all the new restaurants.

Team: Rooms

Gary Davis

Gary Davis

Hotel Sales Manager

Gary serves as the Hotel Sales Manager responsible for the Tour and Travel as well as the SMERF Market for the Holiday Inn Lancaster and the Imperial Ballrooms.  Gary is best known as “Mr. Hospitality” and has provided remarkable sales and guest satisfaction for the Sports/Wedding groups, and the Motor Coach groups over the past seven years.  Gary’s passion for hospitality is a special gift, and he is most proud of receiving the “Rising Star of the Year Award” from Discover Lancaster Visitor Bureau.  When not providing hospitality to our groups, Gary enjoys spending time with his wife, three cats and their dog Tory.  He loves to travel, especially by train, and most recently inherited a mountain cabin membership in Tioga county where he plans to spend many weekends in the years to come.